Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Saul Anuzis gets political? Say it isn't so!

Yesterday, the Detroit News published a story saying "Republican lawmakers are increasingly irritated with their state party boss, Saul Anuzis, because they say his steady drumbeat against raising taxes is making it more difficult to work out a deal to resolve Michigan's nagging budget deficit." Here is the most outrageous claim I've heard lately from an "unnamed lawmaker". "It's unprecedented for a party chairman to dictate policy to legislators of his own party."

Give me a break. The role of party chairman is political in nature and it is totally appropriate for the leader of the party to be talking about the policies and platforms of the party. A brief perusal of the Republican Party Platform (http://www.gop.com/media/2004platform.pdf) leads one to the conclusion that one of the core principles of the party is limited government which is largely achieved by keeping taxes low. The party platform talks about cutting taxes, making tax cuts at the federal level permanent. Saul isn't even going that far. He is just reminding party members and legislators that the republican ideal is to not RAISE taxes.

It's called "holding our feet to the fire" and I think it is totally appropriate.

Is someone suggesting that because a few members might consider voting to increase taxes, that he can't talk about taxes? Does that mean that Saul can't talk about second amendment rights because a few republicans are for gun control? Is the subject of the right to life taboo because we have a few pro-choice republicans? What do you expect Saul Anuzis to talk about? What does the GOP stand for? And what should the party chairman be talking about? How about limited government, low taxes, individual responsibility, personal liberty, etc.?

Saul, keep up the great work, and hold us to the things we promised when we ran for office!

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