Monday, September 24, 2007

The Dems are still planning to push a tax bill through

Looks like the Dems are ready to move the income tax increase again this week. The hottest rumor is that instead of being required to put up 54 votes before Republicans vote for it, now they only have to put up 53 votes. It will only require 3 GOP members to get the increase. Who are they? No point in naming names, but you might try to send your representative a note (if they are Republican), thank them for not voting to increase taxes and encourage them to stand firm.

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Geoff said...

Thanks for the emailed heads up on this Jack. I've taken the opportunity to drop those eight folks a note respectfully reminding them that we need them to protect us from the Democrats. Hope it helps.

It amazes me how all of the media -- even the supposedly conservative Detroit News -- is treating it as inevitable we'll have a tax increase.