Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Raise taxes? Nice try.

The Democratic leadereship, in what can only be described as a sophomoric stunt, tried to push a tax increase through on the house floor today. We had been in session since noon. Nothing happened until around 3 p.m. at which time they suddenly came out of caucus and immediately put a resolution (HJR X) on the board for a vote. This resolution had never been heard of and there was no document to read so as to figure out what it was. It didn't even show up on our computer screens at our desks. We Republicans asked four times for the board to be cleared so we could have an explanation of the bill. We were denied.

Finally, after several minutes, the resolution come up on the screen. It was a proposal to put a sales tax hike on the January ballot. An increase of one percentage point (to 7%). The board sat open for about 30 minutes. Because this was a constitutional amendment, it requires a two-thirds majority (74 votes). After half an hour, only 50 Democrats had voted "yes". Most Republicans voted "no" and several stayed off the board, including the "scared seven", those 7 vulnerable Democrats who would dare not vote for a tax increase, lest they find themselves turned out by their constituents.

Thursday is Rosh Hashanah, so we will not be back until Friday. Rumors are that we will be there until we get a tax hike through. It should be a very interesting day.

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And remember... a 1% increase on the dollar in the sales tax is actually an 18% tax hike.

What gets me is this... if the people of Michigan really think tax hikes are the only way... if Democrats are right and just and good to propose them... if they're not ashamed of their position...

WHY use parliamentary gimmicks to try to hide your votes?

Speak your mind on the record and let everyone know what you stand for. That you'd rather kneel before special interests (witness the gutting of the MESSA kill) than protect taxpayers.