Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Live, From Lansing...

We finally got the call at 8:00 p.m. that we would be voting at 9:30 pm. Well, we did say the pledge of allegiance at 9:45.

The Dems are now in caucus, working out their plan to save Michigan. We Republicans will wait patiently until they emerge from the caucus room to deliver the goods. The atmosphere is electric. The House is teeming with reporters, hairspray at the ready, video trucks parked outside, satellite dishes fully extended, waiting to bring good tidings to waiting and watching Michiganders from Bessemer to Birmingham and from Benton Harbor to Beaver Island.

What will it be? Reforms? Restructuring? Revenues? Will some of the Republicans finally cave in to the sweet talking Dem leadership? Are they ready to believe that the tax eaters need to be fed more? Who knows...only time will tell.

Stay tuned. Film at 11! Or 12, or tomorrow at 6 a.m. or never!

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