Thursday, September 20, 2007

Is this it? Are your taxes going up tonight?

Media reports suggest that a deal has been brokered. Some Republicans are apparently part of the agreement. Supposedly, there are "reforms" included, but a tax increase is also in the mix.

You may want to contact your Representative in any way you can, call the office, send an email...let them know how you feel. Let them know what your situation is. Make it personal and be sincere. You can handle a tax increase? Tell them. Flatly opposed? Will another tax hit put you under? Say so. Now is the time to act. The future of this state for years to come hangs on what may happen this night.


wolflady48884 said...

IF this stinking state can't do better than this then shut it down. This is an absolute outrage. DHS is the biggest pig at the trough and all they do is shred families.

I say no tax hike. Shut this state down and stop this kind of abuse.

Bob said...

Shut the government down. It is long overdue for the government to cut spending as the means to balance the budget. This is not a new concept. Every citizen in this state has to do exactly that to balance our own budgets, even the legislators. Stop the insanity, stop the tax increases, and shut the government down if that is what it takes to get the message to CUT SPENDING!

michaelemlong said...

Shut the Govt. down read my lips no new taxes. Shame on those 3 rhino for betraying the Republican Party