Saturday, September 22, 2007

If your taxes go up, don't blame the Democrats

Democrats like bigger government. They have never met a government program they didn't like. They like raising taxes. In fact, some think 4.6% isn't high enough. Bob Jones from Kalamazoo thinks 5.6% would be better. That way we can cover all the programs the governor proposed, plus have a "cushion" for any "emergencies".

But, if your income taxes go up, don't blame them. They are expected to vote for higher taxes. The problem in the House right now for Democrats is that while all 58 like higher taxes, (and only 56 votes are needed) only 51 are willing to vote for it. Why? Because the other 7 ran as conservative Democrats. They live in swing districts and know that a yes vote on taxes could spell their demise as state Reps.

The only way the Democrats can get their 18% increase in your income tax is if they can pull 5 Republicans over to their side. It will be the Republicans fault, and trust me, they will get the blame, if taxes go up.

I suggest you call your state Rep. if he is a Republican and ask him/her if they will vote for a tax increase. If you do not get an immediate and emphatic "NO", assume they are vulnerable to get snowed by the Democrats, if not bought off with a job promise from the Governor, or some other kind of perk, in exchange for a vote to increase taxes. Plenty of offers have already been made; a judgeship, a new college of ophthalmology in their district, an unopposed race for State Senate...who knows what else is in the offing. In fact, I would be willing to bet that while we are here on Mackinac, certain members back home are getting calls, letters, flowers...and lots of promises from the Dems.

Call your state Representative and hold their feet to the fire!

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