Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Governor says, "Listen to your constituents!"

I heard the governor on my local radio station, WKZO this morning. She talked about how legislators are afraid to "cut" because they don't want to tell schools they will have to put 37 students in every class and tell police and fire they have to lay off employees. She further said legislators are are afraid to vote for "revenues" (we call them TAXES) because they are afraid of "a guy named Leon Drolet".

She wrapped up her interview by saying that legislators need to listen to their constituents and "do their job". I, for one am certainly checking the pulse of my constituents and statewide taxpayers. Since Friday I have received 41 e-mails saying "Do your job, raise taxes." I have also received 424 e-mails saying "Do your job, cut spending, DON'T raise taxes".

Well, governor? What should I do?

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