Friday, September 14, 2007

DHS, still not listening.

The Auditor General issued a scathing report on the Department of Human Services last month. You can review it here: This report exposes millions in mismanagement and abuse of taxpayer dollars. I wrote a newsletter citing several specifics. If you have not received it and would like a copy, email me at and ask for it.

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wolflady48884 said...

Well I read the whole thing last night and from what I can gather near the end of this when the AudGen is discussing the Federal 2006 audit, which by the way Gongressman Camp was responsible for because after the 2004 audit the state was facing Millions in sanctions and fines for not passing, the auditor General as much as says the State cooked the books to pass the Federal audit in 2006. This is under this Governor who just loves DHS.