Thursday, September 6, 2007

800 more jobs...going, going...GONE

Today's Detroit News reports that Volkswagen of America is moving its operations to Virginia.

It is a sad commentary on state leadership that the governor had a "brief" meeting just last night with Stefan Jacoby, VW of America's President, in an attempt to convince him to stay in Michigan. When she was in Germany last month, searching for jobs, she did not have Volkswagen on her itinerary.

This morning, President Jacoby stood with Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine, and "made the formal announcement in front of an already completed 185,000 square-foot building near Dulles Airport in fast-growing northern Virginia". VW says it is transferring about 400 jobs to Virginia and eliminating another 400 in Michigan.

You can read the complete Detroit News story at:

Maybe it is just a coincidence, but Virginia is a Right-to-work state.

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