Saturday, September 15, 2007

7 a.m. 13 votes still needed to raise your taxes

In what must be some kind of new record, the board has been open on HB5194 virtually for 17 hours. (They had to close and adjourn at midnight, but reconvened at 12:01 and put the bill back up on the board.)

Here is who you need to call and tell to vote "NO" on this bill. These individuals have note voted yet:
Republican--Ed Gaffney
Democrat--Brown, Byrum, Clemente, Corriveau, Dean, Ebli, Griffin, Leblanc, McDowell, Miller, Polidori, Simpson, Spade, Valentine, Wojno.

Find their phone numbers here:
You can also watch the "action" live from the floor at that web address.

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