Friday, September 21, 2007

5:00 a.m. Three votes to go

The board is now at 52 green, 3 yellow, 54 red, 1 absent. Only one yellow Dem remains. Assuming he switches, there still has to be two red Dems who MUST go green before Emmons and Ball will pull the trigger and put the 57 votes on the board. (This is one more than is needed, but the agreement was for 3 Republicans in exchange for 54 Dems).

There are 5 red Dems right now, Ebli, Corriveau, Simpson, Griffin and Valentine. Of those five, plus Dean who is yellow, three MUST go green. Who will it be? They are the five most vulnerable, the most likely to lose to a Republican or be recalled. How long can they hold out?

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