Sunday, September 16, 2007

4:45 p.m. Nothing new to report

We are still in the same position we have been in for over 48 hours. We spent the night sleeping in the Chambers as we were locked in. At 8:00 they lifted the lock-down to let us go to church. When we returned at noon, they put the same tax bill back up on the board. Everyone voted the same way. Republicans RED (no) and Democrats GREEN (yes). There are 10 Democrats who are YELLOW; they haven't voted yet. Seems an appropriate color. While the representatives are here, their convictions are "missing in action". Maybe what we need is a
Maybe that will help them find their core beliefs and tell the voters what they believe.


wolflady48884 said...

This is nothing more than the Governor and House Speaker Dillon holding human beings hostage when they have no control over their party. They want a tax get the Dems to pass it. IF they can't shut this mess down until they do. I sure hope the Republicans continue to stick to their guns. IF the Dems want a tax let them grow the parts to pass it. It is their tax. They can then live with the consequences

Anonymous said...

I thought you were trying to turn the Michigan legislature into a part-time legislature. It looks to me like the Speaker is getting paid extra for all this overtime he is putting in. Do you get paid time and an half for overtime?

Dennis Smith @ INCH said...

I like the line, "Seems an appropriate color." That says it all!

Anonymous said...

No overtime for legislators... they are salary... they get paid just as much for working 50 hours straight as they do if they dont work at all