Thursday, December 13, 2007

Transparency comes to Washington; why not in Lansing?

Today (more than two weeks ahead of schedule), The federal Office of Management and Budget, (OMB) launched, the website created thanks to the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act. Creating the website, OMB said at the launch event, cost less than $1 million. The software cost $600,000. You can access the site at . This is a huge step in the right direction and should help us generate new momentum as we pursue transparency in government spending efforts at the state level.

If we can do this at the federal level with a $3 trillion budget for only $1 million, why can't we do it at the state level with a $43 billion budget? Last Spring, I introduced HB 5137 (The State Funding Accountability and Transparency Act) to do the same thing in Lansing, (although it could happen with a simple executive order from the governor.)

Why won't the governor act? Is she hiding something? Does she not want taxpayers to know where all the money is going? Let's bring transparency to state government!

3 comments: said...

Why not Lansing? Three words: Granholm and Dillon.

Or maybe because it'd make too much sense?


Hannah said...

Merry Christmas

Bill said...

Please continue advocating for transparency in state government.

As you stated, if transparency can be achieved at the federal level it certainly can be achieved at the state level.

Transparency brings closer the day when all interested parties can arrive at a clearer understanding about budget issues. We won't necessarily agree, but we will at least have the same set of figures to consider.

Thank you for your leadership!