Tuesday, December 11, 2007

How Politics Works in Lansing

Here is a story you likely did not read in the press:

Last Thursday, the House GOP caucus had prepared an amendment that would reduce, reform and cut government spending by $670 million dollars. It would have eliminated the need for the service tax, or the "surcharge" on the MBT.

The GOP had fifty members present that day, the Dems had 53. We were six short of the 56 votes needed to pass anything- they were three short. After Speaker Dillon told us he would give us a vote on this amendment in exchange for three votes on the final bill, he learned that many of his members wanted to vote for our amendment, and that it would pass! He then changed his mind on holding the vote, and adjourned for the day.

Our reforms included welfare limits, Medicaid reforms and reductions to wasteful or unnecessary items. There is support for reform in Michigan even within the Dem caucus, but Speaker Dillon is standing in the way.

Thanks to Craig DeRoche, Minority Leader for his leadership on this effort.


Anonymous said...

Leadership is about results. Under DeRoche's "leadership" we sold out, lost the House and now we are not accomplishing anything constructive.

You should be running the GOP in the House and stop supporting ineffective "leaders."

Matt said...

I have to agree with "anonymous". Leadership is not only about results...You are only a leader when people follow you. Positional leadership is the lowest level and it seems that a lot of politicians shoot for the lowest level. We need people with integrity who will lead out of that integrity and motivate others to do the same. Jack Hoogendyk is the only reason I don't completely dismiss the entirety of Michigan government as a waste of resources.

wolflady48884 said...

Andy Dillon must go. He needs to be removed from office and as quickly as possible. When do we start a recall of this man whose actions are that of an absolute dictator.