Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Firefighters Presumption of Cancer Bill

Under HB4401, if you were a paid firefighter for two years or longer, and you contract virtually any type of common cancer, the presumption is you contracted it because of contact with toxic chemicals during your employment.

It would even count if you worked for two years in your twenties and then at age 65 contracted, for instance, lymphoma. The presumption would be that it was your work as a firefighter 40 years previous that caused you to contract the cancer. It further seems to presume that you would be eligible even if you worked for the fire department but never actually fought a fire.

As the Detroit News points out, "Current workers' compensation law provides more than adequate protection for firefighters and other employees whose injuries and illnesses are job related."

The costs to government go up significantly...legal fees, insurance costs, administrative paperwork, etc...as if they can afford increased costs as their revenue sharing payments decline.

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