Thursday, December 13, 2007

More government mismanagement, but at least its a surplus.

During the budget process this past summer and fall, the Department of Natural resources was crying poverty and begging for fee increases to stay afloat.

Now we find that not only do they have a $10 million surplus in the fish and wildlife fund, but they knew it and didn't tell anybody!

I share Tom Casperson's (R-Escanaba) frustration with the department. How can we as legislators deal honestly and fairly with the budget when the executive branch won't be open and honest with us? Last year, there were three departments that overspent their budgets (in violation of the Constitution), now we find a department who hides excess funds and pushes for massive fee increases to cover their "shortfall".

Sounds to me like we need transparency in government.

Thanks to Tom Casperson for being the watchdog on this issue. Read the complete story here:

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Surplus-Max said...

Yes i totaly agree: We need more transparency. Its the same in germany. But why should they give us this tranperency for free? They will not. In germany this year are a lot of elections - they promis much - after that it goes on like the last years... i cant believe that its will come better.

Sorry for my bad english - my german is better ;o)