Saturday, December 1, 2007

Final Tally on HB5408 (version 8)

The 22%, ten-year tax increase on Michigan Business Taxes was passed in the House today by a vote of 66 YES and 42 NO. (2 absent) All Democrats voted YES.

According to Governor Granholm, we are only three years from being "blown away". Do you think it will take that long?


wolflady48884 said...

Who were the Republican Turn Coats?

They need to go right along with all the Dems. This state is doomed. The only thing we can look forward to is the 08 election when we can send the Dems packing.

I think we need to all send all of these people applications for McDonald's and Burger King and let them know youa re about to be unemployed.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is a blessing that the Michigan economy is in such terrible shape.
Since my business is failing, I don't have to worry about this tax increase. Funny how that works. Folk have no money to buy goods and services and we all suffer. Yet Jeff Daniels says this is a great place to operate a business. I wonder if there are two (2) Michigans? What does he know that the rest of us don't? Does anyone have Jeff's phone number??

t. bell
dexter, mi

JGillman said...

Sadly,it was laziness by a few republicans initially who caused this mess.
As pointed out at
in a letter to one of our representatives, the service tax stood a chance of being challenged constitutionally anyhow.

This entire ordeal should be proof however,, on how the left (and even some weak personalities on the right - sorry.. truth) CANNOT be trusted with our money.

Thank you for your service and keeping us up to date. said...

Yeoman's work, Representative. Though I wish a little more of your great work would count for a little more. I guess with the Democrats running the House and holding the Governor's office that's a bit of a pipe dream right now.

Here's hoping we can get you a little help next November.


Nick said...

Blown away. Yes - - I found it interesting at the time that Queen Jennifer said that, that she would be out of office at the designated time of blowing.

Do you suppose that the blowing referred to will be our reflecting upon her administration and only then realizing the “Snow Job,” more accurately the “Blizzard,” that blew in from Canada? Perhaps the blowing away will be the shock of the magnitude of the mess that the blizzard left to be cleaned up.