Tuesday, December 11, 2007

More regulation of the building industry

Senate Bills 450-453 contain a laundry list of new restrictions, regulations and penalties:
  • Increase penalties for a person who operated as a residential builder or residential maintenance/alteration contractor without a license.
  • Allows for civil action against someone who is not licensed.
  • Allows DLEG, the attorney general or the county prosecutor to use forfeiture as a remedy.
  • Increases the annual builders license fees by 50%.

If you plan to help your neighbor put a roof on his garage or put up some drywall in the basement, you might want to reconsider. You could go to jail.


michael emlong said...

I don't think Deroche and Bishop could lead a johnny detail. Do we have a Republican Party in Lansing? Our are they just spending are tax payers money on 1,000$ suits and extending term limits for these worthless bastards?

wolflady48884 said...

I hope you are kidding. This is just ludicrous. Once again our state becomes a dictatorship under the Democrats. I am getting sicker by the day. Thanks for letting us know on this one. Keep up the good work Jack. I am going to spread the word far and wide.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was legal to work on your personal residence. Is that not the case?

And if you're working on your own home, can't you ask a neighbor/friend to help?

Anonymous said...

It may not be legal to work on your own home unless you have a permit, but as the homeowner, you always have the right to get the permit and do the workyourself if you choose.

Working on your own house or helping your neigbor will not result in a jail sentence even if these bills were to pass. However, if you decide to go into the residential construction business and don't have a license, you might have some problems.

A bad builder can do a lot of harm. In one case, a builder signed a contract to demolish an existing house and build a new one. Unfortunately, the homeowner paid the builder nearly in full. The builder tore down the house and absconded with the money. He was later found to have used the money to build his own house. To this day, that builder has a license. DLEG does absoltely nothing.

The real problem however isn't the law or lack of it - it is really the lack of enforcement of the existing law.

JGillman said...

I wonder how the Amish deal with this during a Barn Raising?