Saturday, December 1, 2007

Oh, and then there is the "Incompetence Tax"

It was well said by Craig DeRoche, Minority Leader of the House when he said that the hundreds of millions that businesses paid to figure out how to pay the service tax which did not go into effect could be characterized as the "Incompetence Tax."

Do you think the Legislature is incompetent? We shut down government for four hours because we can't get the budget done in time. We impose a tax that would put many businesses into bankruptcy, one that would have generated two or three times what was predicted. We come back with a repeal and replacement. We create a new Michigan Business Tax (MBT) which brings in more revenue than the SBT, and then we add 22% on top of that. We spend $1 billion more than last year in the worst economy in America?

Incompetent? That is an understatement.

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