Thursday, November 8, 2007

They violated the rules, blatantly, twice

Under House rules, you MUST recognize the opposition for a record roll call vote if the minority turns in a written request with at least 22 signatures. We did exactly that on HB 5408, in fact, we had 34 signatures. They ran us over and did not recognize our written request.

Then, after they did that, they moved for immediate effect on the bill. We had previously turned in 34+ signatures to ask for a record roll call on immediate effect. Again, they ignored our request, in writing, and gavelled the immediate effect on the bill.

This is a disservice to the people of Michigan. You will probably never hear about it on the news, but the Democrats in majority have literally broken the law and truly disenfranchised millions of voters who sent 52 Republicans to Lansing to represent them. They have refused to allow us to represent them.

You are getting, well, you know what you are getting.

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