Monday, November 12, 2007

Term Limits and the January 15th primary are dead

The deadline for putting a January 15th primary election in place is effectively, tomorrow. When we finished last Thursday, it was announced that we would have session on Tuesday, November 13th. Many were doubtful that would happen. Sure enough, today it was announced that session for tomorrow is cancelled. The next scheduled session day is November 20. This is after the deadline date to put any issues on a January 15th primary.

There was a movement afoot to extend term limits in the State Legislature. Those who favored this idea wanted to put it on the January 15th primary election. Why? Because polling showed that while the majority of general election voters would oppose the plan, the smaller group of voters who would come to the polls in a primary election would favor it. Now that we know there will NOT be a primary election, the idea of extending term limits is dead for the foreseeable future.

As for the presidential primary, at this point it looks like we will instead pick our respective nominees in this state through a convention or caucus. Stay tuned for further developments.


Anonymous said...


Please let us know who is primarily responsible for the effort to deny us our vote.

Thank you,

John Danforth from Warren

Chet said...

Term limit expansion is dead.

Long live term limit expansion II.

Excellent news Jack. Stealth primary as a technique to pass a ballot proposal is repugnant. But, you know they'll still try, and I wouldn't be surprised to see the fall ballot used for the try.

michael emlong said...

The Republican leadership blew it with this current budget cycle meaning DeRoche and Bishop they sure as hell don't deserve extended terms in the legislature. What is this Rome. Jack is the only credible politician in Lansing at least we know he want sell the party out for a bad budget deal.