Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Senate passes a "Really Bad Tax"

Yesterday, the Senate passed a replacement for the 5% tax on services, which they already repealed. The replacement is similar to the House passed version of a surcharge on the Michigan Business Tax of 33% to all businesses who pay the MBT, with the exception of the 20 or so largest corporations, who will pay a cap on the surcharge of $2 million, (saving them tens of millions).

The Senate passed version, reduces the surcharge to 13.85% and raises the cap to $7.5 million. It also assumes the $220 million "windfall" that the new MBT already brings in vs. the old SBT, and spreads it out over three years. So now, rather than a $625 million body slam to business, the Senate version is "only" a $560 body slam to business.

The bottom line is this: On October 1st, the legislature amputated the right arm of businesses in this state (without anesthetic, or sutures) and on November 20, the Senate sewed the arm back on...down to the elbow.

You call this a solution? What happened to the spending cuts? Why must the business community be forced to make a $560 million payment to government (on top of the $750 million in new income taxes) to support their continued bloated growth? When is the legislature and the governor going to recognize that this state's economy is already in the tank and about to get sucked down the drain?

It is high time for a reality check. The business community isn't even angry anymore; they have descended into despair and hopelessness. You think 7.7% unemployment is bad? Wait 'til next year!


Anonymous said...

When will the legislature realize that it doesn't matter who writes the check to the government, taxes are paid by private citizens? Taxing business versus citizens is symantics. Additional taxes cut into a company's profitability and they have two choices, passing the tax onto customers or close up shop. How many businesses will be driven out of the state by bad tax policy? When will the state realize that tax policy and economic policy are one in the same? Probaly right after the lights are turned off.

Roda said...

What in the world is wrong with these people's brains? Do they not function? We are trying desperately to stay in Michigan but soon may have to leave just so my spouse can find a job.

Why don't the people in Lansing care that they are ruining our state? So sad.

maiullo3 said...

Stop wasting your time trying to change this Laural and Hardy show, spend your energy efficiently by following the The only States rights party. I think you'll find it worthwhile

michael emlong said...

The Republicans are supplying now leadership in the house or senate, Bishop, DeRoche and Jelinek have let all Republicans down and only thinking of themselves. It's time for new leadership in the Michigan Republican Party this leadership has failed us time and time again. It's time to tack back the Republican Party.