Thursday, November 8, 2007

Apparent Intraparty Gridlock!

Gridlock in the House is not uncommon. It is business as usual when the Dems and Republicans can't get along. But, when one party can't seem to get along with itself, now that's news.

I'm not saying the Democrats in the House aren't getting along, I can only report this: They were trying to move a bill sponsored by one of their own, Brenda Clack, to ban smoking in bars and restaurants. Along came an amendment to the bill by a fellow Democrat. The amendment was about to pass overwhelmingly when suddenly the board was cleared and they went into caucus. They have been in there well over an hour and a half.

Think about it; they can't push through a simple smoking ban bill. They can't even agree on an amendment! And we still have to address the repeal of the tax on services?!

I should have brought my sleeping bag.

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