Wednesday, November 28, 2007

But they forgot to enroll the bill!!

Get this, the rules requiring enrollment of the bill were not waived, so even if the Senate votes on the bill, it still has to come back to the House for enrollment. If we don't come back until Tuesday, it will be too late.

Unfortunately, that means the serice tax will go into effect.


michael emlong said...

State Rep. John Proos said today that he is supporting legislation for a 2 year budget cycle. That is just what we need 2 full years of bull shit for a budget. I am so proud that John Proos is my State Rep. Maybe I should move To Jack Hoogenydk's area. 2 years I think John wants to be a Full time legislature. I wonder how many games of solitaire can be played with that amount of free time to do nothing. Only a Lansing Politician could come up with that idea.

Anonymous said...

Try having Frank Accavitti! Ineffectual just doesn't cut it. If he thinks he is powerful just because he is a Dem and a Legislator-boy is he deluding himself! Of course my Senator isn't much better!!!