Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday, Monday, why are we here?

You may have thought that we met during the "Bambi break" from November 9th until today, November 26. We didn't. The Dems did schedule session for the 13th, only to cancel it late the 12th. And then they scheduled for the 20th, only to cancel late on the 19th. It's a great strategy. The news reports we are meeting...working, then after the news folks go home for the day, "leadership" cancels the session.

Well, I guess we are here today partly to show we are meeting again, (this is only the third Monday in my 5 years in the House), and partly to "fix" the Presidential primary bill.

You may not have heard that the state Supreme Court at noon on Wednesday last, ruled that the January 15th primary should go forward. The only problem is the Dems aren't participating, which completely fouls up the intent, which is to produce a clean list of Republicans and Democrats who voted. I guess the Dems are on board with a "fix" which puts all the Dems on the ballot whether they like it or not. Stay tuned. It may be a busy day, with many more fun things happening.

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