Monday, November 12, 2007

Here is the press release Minority Leader Craig DeRoche put out November 9 regarding the vote last week to replace the service tax...
Businesses lose again
House Democrats again vote to increase taxes on job providers

House Republican Leader Craig DeRoche today strongly criticized the manner in which House Democrats raised taxes on Michigan job providers, hitting them with the second tax increase in the last month. “Democrat leadership abused their power, jamming a job-killing tax increase through the Legislature in the dark of night,” said DeRoche, R-Novi. “The vote last night was an arrogant display of incompetence. How many more bills are we going to have to revisit this year due to the haphazard way the House is being run?”

During the Nov. 8 session, House Republicans fought to repeal the state service tax, offering changes and asking for open debate on the floor. The Democrat majority, however, refused to even acknowledge a Republican amendment turned in with the support of 34 Republican signatures and also failed to recognize Republican requests for a recorded vote on immediate effect, a requirement honored in both chambers. “They violated our constitutional right to represent our constituents, and as a result, Michigan businesses lost,” DeRoche said. “This is the same scenario we’ve seen all year for how Democrats are going to get things done – late at night, hurried and without regard for House rules or the state’s constitution.”

DeRoche said because of the rush, 60,000 businesses will shoulder the 33 percent tax increase burden.

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