Monday, November 5, 2012

Proposal 5: YES

Proposal 5 simply states that the legislature cannot raise your taxes without a 2/3 majority vote, rather than a simple majority.

My support for this proposal comes from my personal experience as a lawmaker. Democrats and Republicans alike find it too easy to raise taxes rather than apply conservative values of limited government and fiscal restraint.

There are literally hundreds of lobbyists representing virtually every special interest and government supported agency in the state. They all have a common mantra: "Mo' money!" But, who is representing the taxpayer who says, "Stop the spending!" The answer is, nobody.

When lawmakers come out of the chamber and into the hall, they are swamped by the lobbyists who say, "Representative, we need your vote for this new appropriation, this new law, that provides funding for" ...whatever. But, there are no lobbyists asking the lawmakers to stop spending more of the taxpayers money.

Proposal 5 is the taxpayers best friend. Vote YES.


NavySubVetColdWarDave said...

I don't understand the opposition. We're not saying the legislature has to have a vote on anything. Just on raising taxes. All they gotta do is work within their budget. My sense of it is they've already got more revenue than they need.

Anonymous said...

In the last paragraph, I think you meant to say "Proposal 5", not "Proposal 6".