Monday, November 5, 2012

Proposal 6: YES

One argument the opponents of proposal 6 use is that "Matty Moroun is a greedy capitalist." I reject that assertion. Is Matty Moroun a capitalist? Yes. Is he rich? Yes. Is he funding the battle to pass proposal 6? For the most part, yes.

But did you know that the Moroun family has been operating the Ambassador bridge efficiently for decades? Did you know that because the Ambassador bridge is privately owned, the Morouns pay millions in taxes on their bridge? Did you know that they have already completed construction of the approaches and on-ramps for a second span, next to the current bridge which will eventually need to be replaced, but they cannot finish the bridge because of government interference?

The Morouns are free-market capitalists who are providing a great product at a fair price. And they are making a tidy profit for their efforts. If you want to call that greed, so be it.

On the question of whether we even need another bridge to Canada, the answer seems to be a resounding NO. Traffic crossing from the US to Canada and back is down 40% from its peak over ten years ago. There is nothing to suggest it will increase substantially anytime soon.

The bottom line is that this proposed bridge will be a publicly-funded project. Some of the money is coming from Canada, but it is, in the end, a loan. Much of the money to pay for construction will come from the federal government, an entity with a $16 TRILLION debt and no way to pay for it. And, who is "the federal government" anyway? It is you and me.

There are numerous credible arguments for passage of proposal 6. Read more here and here.

I urge you to vote YES on 6. Let the people decide.


Debra said...

Thank you! I am voting yes but really wanted the information in your 2nd paragraph. Thank you!

NavySubVetColdWarDave said...

I agree 100%. Usage doesn't warrant building this bridge. The proponents use data that erroneously projects increased usage, pretty much on a straight line which is inaccurate & dreaming! Don't care where the money comes from... somehow, we'll end up paying for it. Let's have a vote so we can give this a thorough look. Yes on 6!

Bob Smith said...

Completely agree!

I especially resent that our govt is completing with a proven successful private company.

And clearly the public bridge is not "free" as is claimed. The Federal govt does NOT exist by itself - it is funded by us and its $ come from us... or more accurately our grandchildren.

Additionally the public bridge will take taxable tolls away from the private bridge and send them to the public bridge where the toll revenue will go to Canada. That lost tax revenue is hardly free.

The public bridge is so wrong on many other elements as well. While I am pro business, show me the business or individual who when you tell them you'll build something for them they say no?

I like most of what Gov Snyder is doing but lost a ton of respect for him on this issue. I am embarrassed that a fellow UofM MBA is so wrong on this.

(I have no dogs in this hunt other than as a Michigan & Federal taxpayer.)