Monday, November 5, 2012

For Mattawan Schools: Winther, For KVCC Board: Kolich, For Portage: Herriman

We need fiscal restraint and fiscal responsibility at every level of government. As a former lawmaker, I can tell you, it is much too easy for government to demand more from the taxpayers.

Fiscal restraint requires hard work, creativity, and discipline. To just say, "Oh, let's just ask the taxpayers for a little bit more" is much easier to do. The problem is, too often, the taxpayers go along with it. More often than not, it comes in the form of a millage that too few voters are aware of, and the minority who benefits from a further soaking of the taxpayer, turns out the majority of the vote and taxes go up.

In the case of the Mattawan School Board Election, the KVCC Board Election, and the Portage School Board election, each has one good candidate, committed to spending restraint and fiscal discipline. I urge those who live in these three taxing distrcits to vote for these three highly qualified candidates who have pledged to run efficient operations without raising taxes or assessments:

For KVCC: Greg Kolich
For Mattawan School Board: Arlen Winther
For Portage School Board: Chelsea Herriman

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Winther could not be less qualified to be on the Mattawan school board. He is a bitter old man whose first reaction is to say, "No." He ran an underhanded, anonymous campaign against the last Mattawan school millage, with a post card mailing that included false and misleading information. It is also suspected that he helped fund Mr. Hoogendyk's unattributed Robocall campaign against the same millage vote, which even Mr. Hoogendk later acknowledged was illegal. Not just inaccurate. Illegal. No thinking person could possibly consider Mr. Winther to be a qualified candidate. Thanks for your recommendation, though.