Monday, November 12, 2012

Will Right-to-Work Get a Fair Hearing in Lansing?

It is time for Michigan to become a right-to-work state. If the conditions were ever perfect for this to happen, they are right now. Consider:
  • We have a Speaker of the House who has publicly expressed support for RTW.
  • A solid majority of House members and, I believe, Senate members have expressed a willingness to vote for a RTW law, if it comes to a vote on the floor.
  • The Majority Leader of the House has expressed a willingness to consider the bill if a majority of his caucus members want to bring it to the floor.
  • We have a Governor who has pledged to sign a RTW bill if it gets to his desk.
  • Three unabashedly pro-union ballot proposals were soundly defeated at the polls.
  • Indiana became the 23rd RTW state this year.
  • Polling data has shown that a solid majority of Michigan residents support RTW for Michigan.
  • We are entering the “lame-duck” session, a time when anything can happen, and usually does.
  • There is a wealth of data to give evidence that right-to-work states create more jobs, more wealth, fewer residents on welfare, higher per-capita disposable income, and much more. Find the data here and here.
Will right-to-work get a fair hearing and an up or down vote? You can help determine that answer. There will be pressure from both sides, for and against labor freedom. You need to encourage your state senator and state representative to support right-to-work. Give them factual data or tell your own story. They want to see Michigan's economy move forward. They want to do the right thing. Go to Lansing, or contact them by phone, email, fax, or letter. You can be part of making Michigan once again, the most competitive manufacturing environment in North America!


Anonymous said...

Jack, It would be nice to reference the bill number in the letter to Senator Richardville. Is this SB120?

Brian Pannebecker ... On the Right said...

Jack, I agree completely; Now is the time! It's no secret, so let's not try to kid anyone, IT'S TIME!
The union bosses know it as well as we do, so let's get it on!

Anonymous said...

Just bring the right to work bill to the floor. Let it be voted up or down. That is the legislatures job. Do your job!!