Wednesday, February 27, 2008

William F. Buckley, 1925 - 2008

The conservative world mourns the loss of William F. Buckley. I am no wordsmith. All I can say is that he was an icon of conservative thought and action. One of my House colleagues said to me, "Bill Buckley kept the flame of conservatism alive." I responded to him, "No, my friend, I must correct you. William F. Buckley LIT the conservative flame in this country.

I believe that I have lost not only an ideological soul-mate, but also a brother in Christ.

Rest in peace, Bill.


Anonymous said...

And we just lost Larry Norman Sunday. Maybe Larry is singing to Bill.
Guess what, I searched your name on Youtube and found a nice video by Juli, asking for help for your candidacy. She is an intelligent college student. Wow. A thinker.

Anonymous said...

Bill Buckley wasn't all that conservative: