Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Is Detroit Dysfunctional?

Allow me to relate a note I received recently from a friend. This note requires no comment from me. Read it and weep.

"We spent the weekend visiting the kids in Royal Oak. Visited the Cranbrook science museum & also the Detroit Institute of Art. (I had not been there in years). As we went into the DIA, there were two places to stand in line to get admission tickets. One line (with two clerks) for DIA Members. The other line (with one clerk) for everyone else. The non-member line had about 20 people in it and was moving slowly. There was no one in the member line. I casually asked the security guard who came by if perhaps one of the two clerks who had no one in their line could help out the other clerk in the non-member line. I was told, "No, they belong to a different union." NO WONDER THIS STATE IS IN SUCH A FIX! Common sense (& courtesy) are thrown out the window because of a union!"

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