Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Busy days in Lansing

I haven't been blogging much because generally, I only do so while we are in session. We haven't been in session much this year. In fact for the entire month of January, we took a total of 15 record roll call votes. Yes, that's right, we have voted on 15 bills.

Actually, this is probably a good thing since most of the time, when we vote on a bill it is something that either makes government bigger, increases spending or increases taxes or fees.

Education committee did meet last week and move a bill to the House floor that would raise the compulsory education age to 18. The governor says this will lead to higher graduation rates. There is no data to support that assumption. What it will do is inflate the school population by 25-30,000 "students" who have no interest in being in school, and probably shouldn't be there. This will increase the expenditures to the school aid fund by over $200 million, putting pressure on a fund that is already short of cash.

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