Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Last of the SMALL Spenders

The Mackinac Center for Public Policy put out a very interesting list. They compiled all the spending bills approved by the legislature last fall for the 07-08 budget year. Of the 17 budget bills passed, 7 did not grow, 10 were larger than previous year, by $1.5 BILLION.

Mackinac looked at how each lawmaker voted on those 10 bills and how much spending growth each one approved. In the House, EVERY Democrat voted for at least $1.3 billion in new spending. On the Republican side, of the 52 members, 21 approved at least $1 billion in new spending. Only four Republicans approved LESS than $10 million in new spending. They are, ranking 1st with $6.5 million, Fulton Sheen and tied for second at $7.5 million, Hune, Steil and Hoogendyk.

Let's face it, if it is wrong to take $1.5 billion in new tax revenue from businesses and families, then it is wrong to spend it.


Anonymous said...

Tied for 2nd? You can do better than that. :)

I'm behind your senate bid 100%. We need less spending in the federal government.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there anybody who voted NO on ALL increases?

What was the $7.5 million you voted to increase? Is that 7.5 beyond an inflationary increase?

Anonymous said...

Yes, just like it is wrong to borrow more money and hand it out to people and call it a "stimulus package" and then ask us to pay for it because we are deeply in debt. Or more likely ask our grandchildren to pay for it.
If I get a check, I am mailing mine to Jack Hoogendyk for Senate. Hoist them on their own petard, so to speak. Henny said...

Are you really going to let Fulton Sheen out-conservative you?!


Ah well, bet he got a kick out of that.

Congrats again on the big run!