Thursday, February 28, 2008

More Big (brother) Government

HB 5543 - Creates a new act to allow local units of government to enact ordinances to require the fingerprinting of door-to-door solicitors, taxicab drivers and street vendors. Those fingerprints would then be transmitted by the local unit of government to the Michigan State Police for the purpose of conducting a criminal background check. The local unit of government can charge the applicant for the cost of processing the criminal background check.

This passed the House of Representatives today by a vote of 88-18. I guess Republicans like big government, too.


wolflady48884 said...

There is unfortunately becoming little difference between Republicans and Democrats. I am so ashamed of my party. The Libertarians are looking better all the time.

Government get the &*() out of my life please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This lends a whole new meaning to stifling entrepreneurship

NTWS said...

If I understand you, you’re suggesting that protecting its citizens from murderers, rapists, and other offenders should not be a function of our government? My grandmother would open the door to any peddler who came around. Thank God no one ever took advantage of her. If this bill keeps a few weirdo's off the street, at no cost to the taxpayer, I'm all for it. Businesses like Consumer's Energy do background checks on their service employees to ensure nothing bad happens. Are they wrong too? Try reading the Constitution of MI, Article I, Section 1. It doesn’t seem like you are upholding the oath you swore as a legislator.

kkag said...

What about all the precinct delegates canvassing the precinct or the Scout's and FFA youth having a fund raiser. What about the church groups. Who is going to pay the cost for the fingerprinting and records checks for them. As Benjamin Franklin said, Those who will give up freedom for security will soon have neither.

WCTaxpayers said...

People always have the right to not open their door. What is next?
Why not micro chips like they are doing with children? They must have solved the other problems of the state while I wasn't looking. If they use micro chips they can scan me when I am forced to salute them. Heil whoever!

Jason Gillman Jr. said...

We should also fingerprint anyone looking to go out into public!!!! THINK OF THE CHILDREN, PLEEEEEEASE!!!

It must be good remaining anonymous. After all, we couldn't have a name being associated with the tripe that ntws is spewing.

Anonymous said...

So, if I understand this one, gramma who knits all winter so she can sell her winter's produce at the local craft fair will now have to pay to be fingerprinted and have a background check done? INSANE! Get out of our lives!!