Tuesday, February 12, 2008

On today's agenda

We are running quite a few bills this week. One in particular is quite controversial:
  • HB4627 to establish a government “commission on pay equity” to “develop definitions, models, and guidelines for employers and employees on pay equity.” Members of the commission would have to include representatives from the Michigan Department of Civil Rights, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, the Michigan Women's Commission, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, the AFL-CIO union, the United Auto Workers union, the Michigan Small Business Association, the National Organization for Women, and the Michigan Women's Studies Association. In other words, we should let the government, through a commission which is tilted to the left, tell the private sector how much they should pay their employees.


Anonymous said...

any "early outs" out there? I want to go to the private sector, far away from the clowns, but an too old to leave the circus without my pension.

Anonymous said...

I think the Legislature should clean its own house first. Inside Michigan Politics today said that women are half as likely to get hired by a Republican rep as a Democratic one. Also, check out the pay disparity between Rep men and women vs. Dem ones. Interesting.

wolflady48884 said...

OMG You should know the Government knows best in all things. You should know that by now the lefties have been telling us this for years.

Buy you books and send you to school what are you thinking?

(Tongue in cheek) for those who don't get it.

Anonymous said...

It is just plain crazy that any such effort is even being considered. I wish I had to ask what polititions would even think this a good idea. Castro, and Stalen come to mind.

Anonymous said...

Now THIS one is a no-brainer - it is a simple waste of tax dollars. But then, that never bothered people like Jennifer.