Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Last of the SMALL Spenders

The Mackinac Center for Public Policy put out a very interesting list. They compiled all the spending bills approved by the legislature last fall for the 07-08 budget year. Of the 17 budget bills passed, 7 did not grow, 10 were larger than previous year, by $1.5 BILLION.

Mackinac looked at how each lawmaker voted on those 10 bills and how much spending growth each one approved. In the House, EVERY Democrat voted for at least $1.3 billion in new spending. On the Republican side, of the 52 members, 21 approved at least $1 billion in new spending. Only four Republicans approved LESS than $10 million in new spending. They are, ranking 1st with $6.5 million, Fulton Sheen and tied for second at $7.5 million, Hune, Steil and Hoogendyk.

Let's face it, if it is wrong to take $1.5 billion in new tax revenue from businesses and families, then it is wrong to spend it.

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