Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Send a Thank You to Rick Jones

Rep. Jones Asks Caucus to Stand Strong

Even though the odds may be against them, Rep. Rick Jones today urged his House Republican colleagues to stand strong against new tax increases. There are 67 House Democrats in the state House, and only 43 Republicans.

But Jones said much like the Spartans in the movie "300," House Republicans have become stronger than their actual numbers because they are standing together for Michigan residents. Jones placed a "300" Spartan battle helmet on his desk as symbolism of standing strong. It sits on desk number #1 (Jones's desk) and all lawmakers view it as they go in and out of caucus.

"Although the Democrats have a clear majority in the Michigan House, it's becoming more and more apparent that Republicans have brought more lawmakers to the fight against new taxes," said Jones, R-Grand Ledge.

Rep. Jones asked his colleagues to remain strong against tax increases proposed today by House Democrats.

"In 2007, Governor Granholm got new taxes and stated that no more would be needed. She promised reforms. Those reforms have not taken place. Stand strong and vote NO on more taxes."

While Granholm had a private meeting today with Democrat House members, the Republican caucus also met.

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