Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Bill That Makes Government Smaller!

LANSING --It’s being called the “Fuzzy Dice Bill”. While state lawmakers are waiting for a budget deal to be hatched, the Senate Transportation Committee passed out Senate Bill 276, legislation that would modify a state law regarding obstructed driving. It repeals the section that bans objects hanging from your rear view mirror. Hey, it's about personal responsibility!

So, get out that graduation tassel, air freshener or Mardi Gras beads! They may become legal again.

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maidintheus said...

Now, if only we can find a way to save, grow business, hire, fire, uphold the law, and enjoy the freedom to choose what programs we want to be involved and what we give our financial support towards. Is freedom too much to ask for?

Our politicians may have to consider themselves collateral damage, rather then The People, in order for freedom to prosper. Are all of you willing?