Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Gridlock in Lansing. It's Getting Worse. Much Worse.

MIRS reported that there was an agreement between the Senate and the House on the K-12 budget, only to update the story 40 minutes later to say there was no agreement. You are seeing the collision of the "irresistible force and the immovable object." (Those who WILL NOT vote to raise taxes and those who will do whatever is neccessary to keep the K-12 budget intact.) Will there be a breakthrough?

So far, Mike Bishop and the Senate Republicans have held firm on not raising taxes, but the MEA is NOT about to back down. The first payment is due to the schools on October 20. Stay tuned, this battle may continue to the end of October. It might be worse than 2007.


Rotti said...

If the only way the house dems and our governor can get a message through their brains, then lets shut it down. I don't have a problem with it.

maidintheus said...

It had better get worse then 2007!!! We are worse off now then in 2007 and need to stand firm for NO (absolutely none of any kind) new taxes! Show them we (and you, dear Republican/Conservative...) are serious: If the Dems/MEA et al won't choose 'no taxes', close the mess down!!!

Shame, shame, our gov't has become so untrustworthy that people worry about getting a flu shot. Do what it takes to earn trust, take a stand and stand there.