Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Large Majority Says "Cut Spending!"

I started an online poll about a week ago. The one-question poll asked, "Should we raise taxes or cut spending?" The feedback was interesting. At first, there was an overwhelming onslaught of votes to cut spending. Then, I noticed a huge turnout of "raise taxes." Upon evaluation of the votes, I discovered that a few individuals were "stuffing" the ballot box with votes to raise taxes, literally every five seconds.

So, I added an element to the poll. Respondents were required to leave their e-mail addresses. Suddenly the results changed. The final tally was 1651 to cut spending vs. 1211 to raise taxes. But among those willing to leave their e-mail address, the tally was 310 for "cut spending" and 2 for "raise taxes."

The taxpayers who are willing to put their name on the line say, "cut spending."

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