Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cropsey Killed it...Dead. How about a "fist pump" for Alan!

You heard about HB 5386, the physician's tax. An ill-conceived idea to impose a 3 percent gross revenue tax on doctors. It came out of the House; it was a scheme to create more revenue. It was a bad idea, but the Dems had the votes to move it out of the House to the Senate.

It sat in committee for awhile, but Senator Alan Cropsey motioned for a discharge of the bill so it could be voted on immediately. He didn't do this because he wanted it to pass. He did it to make a point that this was such a bad idea, virtually no one would support it. He was right. The vote tally was 4 (YES) to 32 (NO). Why not send a thank you note to Senator Cropsey?

Oh, by the way, the four Senators who voted YES?
Cherry (D) Prusi (D) Switalski (D) Thomas (D)

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