Saturday, October 24, 2009

Meet the Governor in YOUR District...Maybe

Governor Granholm is making the rounds of local school districts, ostensibly to discuss funding issues. She will be at Rochester Community Schools Administration Building, 501 W. University, (1/2 mile west of Rochester Rd.) at 1:45 p.m. Monday. The only problem is, these meetings seem to be by invitation only.

You might want to show up anyway and respectfully ask the governor to let you into the meeting to offer your input, since it's YOUR tax dollars, and YOUR district, and YOUR kids.

As we fnd out other locations where she will be appearing, we will let you know.


Jay A. Fedewa said...

Please join us at the Tea Party Protest!

Subject: Granholm in Rochester Monday Pushing Tax Hike: Tea Party Protest @ 1 PM

Join the 9th. Congressional District Republicans Monday for this important rally against Granholm's recent push for yet another tax increase:

Granholm is putting on her full court press for tax increase Monday
Gov Granholm will be at Rochester Community schools admin bldg (501 W. University, 1/2 mile west of Rochester Rd/downtown) at 1:45 monday to meet with Sen. Bishop and me and a bunch of superintendents and educators.
NEED Tea party action.
Jenny's full court press for higher taxes.
Need people to show up at 1 - "no new taxes!"
It doesn't appear the meeting will be open to the general public, however there is a really good sidewalk near the bldg and along university road - for protest/signs.
(university rd is also walton)

Posted by:

Jay A. Fedewa
Rochester Hills

Anonymous said...

I call. Go ahead and make the cuts. We don't need your dirty money and we won't pay any more in taxes... We will make ends meet by cutting employees and cutting cost just like local businesses have done.
We can do it. This is change we can belive in.
Thank you for blowing us away!!!