Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Score another one for Big Labor and Union Bosses

The House just voted to pass the "Worker Freedom Act". That is a euphemism for the "Employer Muzzle Act". Read about the bill here: What the bill ostensibly does is prevent employers from holding mandatory meetings with employees and talking to them about "religious or political issues." But what it is really about is restricting the right of employers to engage in free speech with their own employees, on company time, to express their opinion about organizing efforts by a collective bargaining unit. This was tried in Colorado; the governor, Bill Owens, wisely vetoed it saying, this bill "restricts employers' First Amendment Rights, contradicts federal law [and] threatens Colorado employer-employee relations." I would add that this bill only discourages business owners from investing in Michigan and creating new jobs. Not a wise thing to do when Michigan has the highest unemployment rate in the nation. Well, at least this way, we can still say, "We're #1!"

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