Monday, July 9, 2007

Legislator's is Michigan doing?

Here is a rundown of inflation adjusted changes in Midwest legislators' salaries from 1975 to 2005, courtesy of the Council for State Governments:
Indiana: down 48%
Kansas: down 45%
South Dakota: down 35%
Nebraska: down 33%
Iowa: down 28%
Illinois: down 22%
Wisconsin: down 22%
Ohio: down 13%
Minnesota: up 0.1%
North Dakota: up 845% (to $125/day when in session)
Michigan: up 13% (to $79,650, 2nd highest in the nation)

Ah, there is some cynicism out there (see comments). Just for the benefit of those out there who did not know, I co-sponsored a resolution this spring to ask the State Officer's Compensation Commission (SOCC) to ask them to cut our pay 5%. I voted for a bill to eliminate health care for legislators after they leave office and, of course, I introduced the amendment to the constitution that would cut our pay by more than 50% (HJR H)

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