Monday, July 9, 2007

Legislator's is Michigan doing?

Here is a rundown of inflation adjusted changes in Midwest legislators' salaries from 1975 to 2005, courtesy of the Council for State Governments:
Indiana: down 48%
Kansas: down 45%
South Dakota: down 35%
Nebraska: down 33%
Iowa: down 28%
Illinois: down 22%
Wisconsin: down 22%
Ohio: down 13%
Minnesota: up 0.1%
North Dakota: up 845% (to $125/day when in session)
Michigan: up 13% (to $79,650, 2nd highest in the nation)

Ah, there is some cynicism out there (see comments). Just for the benefit of those out there who did not know, I co-sponsored a resolution this spring to ask the State Officer's Compensation Commission (SOCC) to ask them to cut our pay 5%. I voted for a bill to eliminate health care for legislators after they leave office and, of course, I introduced the amendment to the constitution that would cut our pay by more than 50% (HJR H)


Rob said...

Nice. We have the worst economy in the nation, but at least the crooks in Lansing are getting paid well.

Who said "crime doesn't pay"?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on one point. Citizens who live in your district are getting a bad deal. Maybe you could sponsor some legislation to cut your pay for now and the rest of us can see if you get the message.