Thursday, July 19, 2007

Busy, busy, busy

Tuesday, we did not take a single roll call vote on the House floor. Today, we took one vote on a "technical" fix to existing legislation. In August we are scheduled to be in session on Wednesdays only for total of 5 days, but the word is there will likely be very little voting, if any in August.

Keep in mind, we still have to balance next year's budget, and decide how much to raise your taxes to pay for all the increased spending. But there appears to be no urgency because, after all, the new budget year does not start until October 1.

2 comments: said...

C'mon, Representative... everyone had to get to Seattle to visit the original Starbucks!


Darrel said...

Well, they did pass the minimum wage legislation finally...what a farse! If they were looking for another way to hurt small business, they finally got it.

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