Sunday, July 8, 2007

Big Brother run amok

I do not care for cigarette smoke, especially while eating out at a nice restaurant. Consequently, I choose not to eat at restaurants that don't have clearly separated non-smoking sections. Better yet, I prefer to eat at non-smoking restaurants; there are many and more every day. Its called consumer choice. But, oh no, that is not good enough for "Big Brother" Michigan government. We are considering legislation to ban smoking on private property. Now, the last time I checked, smoking was LEGAL. And I think we still have constitutional rights of private property, don't we?

Look, if you don't like restaurants with smokers in them, DON'T GO THERE! Vote with your feet, the restaurant owners will get the message.

2007 House Bill 4163 (Prohibit allowing private workplace smoking )
[History, Amendments & Comments] [Text and Analysis] [Add to Watch List]
Introduced by Rep. Brenda Clack on January 30, 2007, to prohibit a business owner from choosing to allow smoking in his or her establishment.

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