Thursday, May 17, 2007

Latest Poll: Tax increasers down, spending cutters up

EPIC/MRA the Lansing based polling firm just released numbers on a poll of "Lansing insiders" on the effectiveness of political leaders in this town. It revealed the following:
Governor Granholm (D): 78% NEGATIVE
Speaker of the House Dillon (D): 57% NEGATIVE
Senate Majority Leader Bishop (R): 59% POSITIVE
What is the difference between Granholm and Dillon vs. Bishop? Granholm and Dillon want to solve the budget crisis with tax increases. Bishop is holding the line and saying we can resolve the problem with budget cuts.

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oldsalt said...

Do the Dems not realize they can't tax themselves into prosperity, or are they so invested in the power grab they can't divorce themselves from sapping our pocketbooks no matter how politically inexpedient raising taxes is?