Thursday, May 10, 2007

Barely Breakin' a Sweat

This notice from the Leadership Office about today's session says it all: "No items will be taken up by the House of Representatives on Thursday, May 10. Attendance WILL be taken." So, in other words, the Dems wanted us all to "come to work" but gave us no bills to deliberate and vote on.

I gotta' tell you folks, many of us have have truly been spending a great deal of time looking for ways to balance this year's budget without raising taxes, and in fact, we have found a hatful of ideas. But, we Republicans are not in leadership. We must wait for the Democrats to act. They must come to the floor with either spending cuts or tax increases or a combination of the two. They took a whack at it in part a couple of weeks ago, but we are still waiting for the final resolution.

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